We continually re-invest in technically advanced, effiecient and professional equipment in order to stay ahead of the competition and enable us to repeatedly provide the results requiered by our clients, on time and under budget.

Below is a selection of the machinery we use to do this, alongside the below equipment we have also available an extensive fleet of vehicles and ancillary equipment:

  Available in Poland Available in our base
Excavator HITACHI ZX 870-3   +
Excavator CAT 375ME   +
Excavator HITACHI ZX 850-3 +  
Excavator HITACHI ZX 350 +  
Truck CAT 777D   +
Truck CAT 773   +
Truck CAT 740 +  
Truck VOLVO A40   +
Grader CAT 16M   +
Grader CAT 14H +  
Dozer CAT D10T +  
Dozer CAT D8T +  
Dozer CAT D7R +  
Loader CAT 988   +
Loader HITACHI LX 290-2 +  
Compactor BOMAG BW225D-3   +
Compactor BOMAG BW219DH-3   +
Compactor CAT CS683E +  
Compactor CAT 825G +